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Funny story about mysteriously open port 21

As I was testing new iptables rules on my remote Lenny server, port 21 kept coming up as open, yet nothing was listening on it (according to netstat and lsof). At which point I'm panicking and wondering whether I've been owned! The panic had productive side-effects, as I discovered several misconfigurations in Bind. Still, no matter where I poked - I could not figure out what the hell is opening the damn ftp port... After making sure that I'm thoroughly dropping all traffic from APNIC subnets, and as I was getting ready to post a question about my dilemma here - I had a eureka moment - I'M RUNNING FTP PROXY on my LAN gateway! LOL :-) I laughed so hard that I woke-up (and pissed-off) my wife!

Just thought I'd share this with you guys, so that next time someone in the same shoes googles "mysteriously open port 21", as I did, they'll get this reminder to check their gateway and/or proxy settings. :-)

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