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Re: selinux question on debian lenny

Dino Vliet wrote:

> Hi debian security people,
> based on this document, http://wiki.debian.org/SELinux/Setup, I tried to install Selinux on Debian Lenny.
> [...]
> However, after step 5 in that sequence, Run check-selinux-installation to check that everything has been setup correctly and to catch common SELinux problems. (Note: old-style-ptys aren't serious.), I got the following message:
> FSCKFIX is not enabled - not serious, but could prevent system from booting
> 1) What is causing this and how can I correct it?
$ grep FSC /etc/default/rcS 

Though there's not one "correct" setting, if there was one setting that 
fits all it wouldn't be configurable :-)
Dunno why SELinux insists on setting it to yes, with physical (or seriell
console) access to the machine it's no problem to disable FSCKFIX (and 
that's also the default at least in Lenny).
Nonetheless lazy people like myself enable the automatic FSCKFIX :)


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