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rkhunter warning wget


after updateing wget on

Linux version 2.6.26-2-686 (Debian 2.6.26-19) Lenny

i received a waring from rkhunter:

Warning: The file properties have changed:
         File: /usr/bin/wget
         Current hash: 2d5d175c449eecfda43401a7a66b8a369859524d
         Stored hash : 1725543768f7e1b2a32136ca1799213a8bdb886b
         Current inode: 137892    Stored inode: 140983
         Current size: 226292    Stored size: 226260
         Current file modification time: 1255005510
         Stored file modification time : 1220829421

could this be serious?


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