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Re: OCS Inventory NG user experience

On Mon, Jul 06, 2009 at 04:12:20PM +0200, Samy Ascha, Xel Media B.V. wrote:
> Dear Debian Users,
> I have been trying to get OCS Inventory NG running on Debian 5.0.2,  
> using Debian packages:
> ocsinventory-agent - Hardware and software inventory tool (client)
> ocsinventory-reports - Hardware and software inventory tool  
> (Administration Console)
> ocsinventory-server - Hardware and software inventory tool  
> (Communication Server)
> Out of the box, this works only partialy. I'm getting errors using the  
> client and there is no logging of any kind on the clients or on the  
> server. I think inventories are incomplete, as alot of information is  
> not present (e.g. network interfaces, ports).


Have you tried following the README.Debian file ? What errors do you get

> The setup on Debian seems not to follow that of the developers, at  
> least as far is the config is concerned, which makes it hard to solve  
> some of the specific problems I encounter. Is there anyone who is  

Can you elaborate about these differences ? To debug things, edit the
configuration file and look in /var/log/ocs* for details.

> using these packages succesfully in an up-to-date Debian environment?  
> Can anybody report their experiences with this software and the extent  
> to which features have been succesfully implemented and used?

It works fine, except for the remote software deployment which has been


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