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Re: Recommend good IDS? was Re: /dev/shm/r?

In <2be970b50906030853t29dfb90atd60089611f98e336@mail.gmail.com>, john 
>On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 4:45 PM, Josh Lauricha <josh@lauricha.com> wrote:
>> I'm surprised more people aren't running tripwire or other IDS.
>I'd be interested to hear some recommendations for IDS to run on
>internet facing servers.

I inherited a tripwire installation at some point.  It was one mail message 
per day (and if you didn't get that message you knew something was wrong).

It required a bit of tuning to not report errors regularly, but once I spent 
that time it was fairly hands-off.
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