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Re: [gdm-list] connection failed to via xdmcp


I ve tried to connect to server via XDMCP, (I am using debian lenny with
gnome). Following the doc I ve just to enable in gdm.conf , [XDMCP]
section, Enable=true. On some machines it ran, on other it didn't ???

If you edit the configuration file by hand, you may need to reboot or
restart GDM for the configuration changes to take effect.  I'd check
that first.  You can also turn on enable=true in the [debug] section,
restart GDM, and then recreate the problem.  Your syslog file
(/var/log/messages or /var/adm/messages) should then contain a lot of
debug information about what happened, and would be useful to share.

Note that you need to enable XDMCP on the machine you plan to connect
to, you do not need to enable XDMCP on the client machines.  Enabling
XDMCP on a client machine does not allow you to log into a machine
that doesn't have XDMCP turned on, in other words.

I don't know about the gnome-keyring PAM module, or if that is a
problem to have missing.


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