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Re: Missing mail.log files

Walton, Bryan K wrote:
Is it possible that during the daily syslog rotation that some log files
were deleted somehow?  Anybody ever seen this?  Am I being too paranoid?
Or not paranoid enough?  I would love to blame this on the savelog cron

It could be possible.
It is often an impossible to do correctly the log rotations.
log rotation consists in the following step:
- (optional) pre rotation script
- move old log
- create new log
- set permission on new log (according to admin choice)
- (optional) post rotation script

- and between/during such steps programs (not only MTA or the main MTA daemon)
could write to the log.

Consider also that there are different loggers, different way to
implement logs and not a right way to do it, so it is really possible to
have non-optimal log-rotation scripts.
I don't use postfix, so I did not investigate if there are bugs.

Note: use google to check if other have your problems, if there is
some trick to mitigate it or if it is a know attack vector.
(and report it again to this list)


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