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Re: Linux infected ?

It still has the same permissions as any other process by that user.  There are a few viruses that can infect elf binaries when running from a windows host, so it's not all that isolated based on execution platform.

On Jan 29, 2009 4:00 AM, "Török Edwin" <edwintorok@gmail.com> wrote:

Rodrigo Hashimoto wrote: > Hi, > > I received a file via e-mail and tried to open it, then the icewe...

It may attempt to infect the other programs you installed with wine.
It shouldn't be able to modify any of your Linux program that you have
installed, since only root can do that (you're not running
iceweasel/icedove as root, are you?).

Try scanning your .wine directory like this:
$ clamscan -ri ~/.wine

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