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Re: Linux infected ?

Rodrigo Hashimoto wrote:
> Hi,
> I received a file via e-mail and tried to open it, then the iceweasel
> did nothing. I tried again and I realized the iceweasel was trying to
> user the "wine" to open a file ".com". Then I run the command "file"
> and I realized this is king of a virus to Windows and not Linux.
> This is a security risk to my debian lenny ?

Even if it was a virus, the most it can do is affect your Wine files of
the pseudo-Windows installation. Even so, I'm not sure it will be much
effective. Even if it wrote to the registry an entry to start-up
automatically, I'm not sure Wine honors this.

If you are in doubt, just wipe you wine files (I think they are in
~/.wine, but I haven't used Wine in years) and start again.


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