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Re: basically security of linux

On Friday 2009 January 16 04:13:10 Michael Loftis wrote:
>--On January 16, 2009 10:31:35 AM +0100 Andreas Matthus
><Andreas.Matthus@tu-dresden.de> wrote:
>> But since some days I mull over a question: What happens  if a user run
>> a selfcopy from a program with a security hole? I'm afraid he can get
>> root-rights. Isn't it?
>In general, no.  This requires an exploitable kernel bug.  That said, there
>have been some of these in the past, and new ones will likely be discovered
>in the future, but that's far more rare.  Anything you run as root should
>only ever come from trusted sources for this reason.

What about hardlinking the suid-root binaries to a hidden location, waiting 
for a security hole to be found/fixed, and then running the old binary to 
exploit the hole?  Does dpkg handle suid/sgid files so that this is 
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