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Re: Freeze exceptions for iceape/iceweasel/xulrunner?

On Saturday 10 January 2009 17:50, Francesco Poli wrote:
> > > Otherwise, are there plans to do so?
> >
> > RC bugfixes are usually unblocked without the need for asking. Also,
> > security bugfixes for ice* packages are allowed by habit.
> Nonetheless, iceape, iceweasel, and xulrunner are 20 days old (which is
> quite some time for a bunch of vulnerabilities to be fixed, especially
> when the fix is already in unstable and just waiting to migrate to
> testing...) and still in freeze.
> Maybe this time an explicit request to the release team is needed?

It doesn't hurt to remind them of such a thing so I've just sent a message 
to -release. How about in the future you contact them yourself directly 
instead of these needless indirections?


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