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My dear friend!

My dear friend!
Compliment of the day!
 Let me tell you a little more about myself. I live in US.  As  you  know I am
28 years old, it is a wonderful age for a woman  I  think,when you are already
not too young and naive as before and  it  is  still  much time will pass when
they will call you an old woman:)  I am very open person and I appreciate
sincerity in people.
I always  say  the  truth,  what  ever  it  could be, I like honesty and
straightness   in   relationships, so I  will  not  keep  silence  in
relationships and will tell you everything honestly. I had a very bad love 
experience  in  the  past,I  was  hurt but I don't keep negative emotions 
in  my heart,if you want I will tell you about it in my next letters.
So  I  lose hope to find the man of my dream here in US and  I  have  a  great 
expectations on the Internet. They say it is a perfect place to find a soul
mate, and I believe I am worth to find my happiness  here.
I  hope  after  reading  this  letter  you are still interested in me:) I will
be waiting for your answer! Please write me on this address:
I love you so much,
Dr Thressy David.

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