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Re: Creating my own personal Linux distribution for Penetration Testing and White-Hat Hacking

On Sunday 07 December 2008 16:11, "Reed Young" <reedryoung@gmail.com> wrote:
> For any set of packages one finds so useful that they're like their own
> distribution, I think the labor would be better spent -- more useful to the
> community I mean, maybe not as fun for you -- in extending / improving
> documentation on using those tools, or Chip's suggestion, which looks to me
> like 'debianising.'  Your message indicates a comprehensive security
> strategy, and a large market for that certainly exists.  But the additional
> work of maintaining a separate distribution seems like a waste.


One thing that probably should be considered is the fate of the Adamantix 
distribution.  The above URL seems to be the only current information 
available on the web about it.  It seems that the only current positive 
result from that project is the paxtest package which is in Debian (which 
incidentally is i386 specific).  I expect that the same amount of effort 
could have yielded better results if applied within the scope of Debian.

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