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Re: Encrypt file while you are using it

Bas Steendijk wrote:

Manuel Gomez wrote:
Hi, i would like to maintain encrypt an archive in all moment, so i
would like to know what software can be this.

Now i am using Truecrypt, but when i mount the encrypted directory it's
vulnerable. I want to mount the file and that the file can remains

Somebody can help me?

Thank you very much, I appreciate your help.

It cannot be encrypted in memory. Oh, a whole file can be, if the whole file is loaded at once, but the buffer holding the info currently being used can't be, so there will always be a point of vulnerability. Invent a good way to obscure every byte 100% of the time, and you will be rich, rich, rich!

There are a few things that can almost do what I think you are asking, but the need to do so seems a little extreme.

Uh, some things encrypt the whole disk, but so far, disk-based encryption hasn't been too satisfactory. Some partition-level encryption is available. This may be a bit vulnerable when errors occur, meaning if the wrong bits get flipped, all your data goes bye-bye. (That is true of some file systems, and a lot of compression methods, as well.)

Uh, cryptsetup  cryptmount.  Maybe the ecryptfs file system?

Mark Allums

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