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Re: secure execution of drivers

when the driver fault, I was in the midst of rebuilding the system and had multiple virtual machines running. The result was that reiserfs which completely destroyed. when it had recovered more files on /LOST+FOUND than in the rest of the system ... in short, a disaster. I hope to find some solution for when the driver fail again

When the date was Thursday 20 November 2008, Florian Weimer wrote:

* Michael Iatrou:
When the date was Wednesday 19 November 2008, Dani d wrote:
hello everybody.
   I recently had a problem with drivers of my pc. The driver of the
wifi sometimes it hung and the last time it broke my entire reiserfs
file system and badly I've been able to recover. I would like to know
if there is any way to run the drivers on some sort of secure
environment so that it fails or is compromised not affect the rest of
the system
No, there isn't (yet).
However, there are less dynamic file systems for which recovery will
be somewhat easier.

This is indeed the truth, but since data integrity cannot be assured under such circumstances, I couldn't sleep better at night thinking "Well, my ext3 undergone another corruption, but at least I don't have to rebuild that awful B-tree" :>

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