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Re: Keeping the webserver safe

Hi Kovács,

On Wednesday 08 October 2008 10:25, Kovács Zoltán wrote:
> I would call the attention to my contributed work, a Wiki at
> http://free.coedu.hu/ describing a step-by-step install procedure making
> a (relatively) safe Debian Etch LAMP server. The procedure contains:

What you write here looks very good...

> Unfortunately is available in Hungarian language only :-(, but lot of
> (self-explanatory, I hope) config file fragments are included.

...if you could rewrite it in english (which you have half done with that mail 
already, I think)... 

> All work is free stuff, licensed under CCL 2.5 (see website).

and change your licencing to GPL2...

...then I think you could help making 
http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/ up2date again! :-)

And that would really rock!

> Any comments are welcome - and sorry about my terrible English.

I think your english fine, really.


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