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Re: antivirus for webserver


Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> Hello
> I have a debian etch webserver, it only has installed
> ssh+apache+php+mysql.
> It has no GUI.
> Nobody sits or connects there to work, only administrators for backing
> up and update the system.
> I tried to secure it installing and configuring bastille.
> Now the only open ports are 22 for ssh and 80 for apache.
> We don't need any other service: no DNS, no email server, no ldap,
> just webserver.
> The connections to mysql are closed from outside, only the webserver
> can access mysql databases.
> My question is if it is needed to install an antivirus for keeping the
> webserver safe. And if it is needed, which antivirus could I use?
> I thought about clamav but I read about problems keeping up-to-date
> the software shipped with etch-stable.
> Thank you
> Laura Arjona

Well, the update problem are solved if you add debian volatile to the
apt sources.
The other problem with clamav is: he has no active scanner (no realtime


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