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Re: antivirus for webserver

Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
My question is if it is needed to install an antivirus for keeping the webserver safe. And if it is needed, which antivirus could I use? I thought about clamav but I read about problems keeping up-to-date the software shipped with etch-stable.

I wouldn't think so. Generally, anti-virus software on Linux and other Unix-like systems is to protect Windows clients from spreading viruses amongst themselves, not protecting a Linux server itself. If you're not doing mail or Samba on that box, don't really think it'd be very useful. On the other hand, you might look into more applicable things to Linux security like rkhunter and fail2ban, mod_security, etc. A quick audit with nikto and/or nessus wouldn't hurt. And also, keep things as up to date as possible.

Best of luck! :-)

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