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Re: Vacation messages

Marek Kubica escreveu:
Because they use MUAs that do not parse the special Precedence header
that is set to list on most Mailinglists meaning that programs should
not automatically respond to the one. If you ask me, this is
*incredibly* *horribly* broken behaviour, even my auto-replier written
in two days did care about this. And basically, such an auto-replier is
really very easy to write.

The same discussion took place on the Scala and Scala-Users mailinglists
yesterday. It is a general problem of broken mailers.

I agree that it is a broken behaviour and very easily amendable. However, my question was why only for messages in debian-security-announce do the vacation mails get sent, while on other lists (such as debian-user), that have the same headers, this fortunately does not happen.

It seems that it is simply because the users of the crappy auto responders do not subscribe to other debian lists that I read, apparently.

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