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Re: [DSA 1605-1] DNS vulnerability impact on the libc stub resolver

Moritz Muehlenhoff a écrit :
> Hideki Yamane  wrote:
>>> The 2.6.24
>>> kernel available since the last etch point release offers some
>>> protection as well.
>>  Umm? This is NEW information for me. Could you give me any references?
>>  (certainly if you can disclosure. It is a sensitive issue.)
> The Linux kernel implements UDP source port randomisation since 2.6.24:

And the Linux kernel (Netfilter) implements NAT source port randomization
since 2.6.21, which can make it a conveninent way to protect your natted
hosts without any patching.

See http://software.inl.fr/trac/wiki/contribs/RandomSkype for details.


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