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Re: Tinydns - cache poisoning?

* Stephen Vaughan:

> Does anyone know if TinyDNS is vulnerable to the dns cache poisoning
> exploit? I run tinydns servers, I ran the test below and it came back as

tinydns as in djbdns?  dnscache (the iterative resolver component of
djbdns) uses source port randomization, so no code changes are required.

> mh1:~# dig +short @ns1.example.com porttest.dns-oarc.net TXT
> z.y.x.w.v.u.t.s.r.q.p.o.n.m.l.k.j.i.h.g.f.e.d.c.b.a.pt.dns-oarc.net.
> " is POOR: 26 queries in 4.4 seconds from 1 ports with std dev 0.00"

This should not happen with dnscache.  Perhaps you're behind a
not-so-transparent DNS proxy, and you're actually testing your ISP's

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