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Re: ssh-keygen still gives vulnerable keys

I use both debian and ubuntu, but the ubuntu lists are quite good as well, so ubuntu users should stick to that for ubuntu question IMHO.

P.S. thanks to all the people who found the vulnerability and made the fix. It was much more painless than i thought.


On Jun 5, 2008, at 01:51, s. keeling wrote:

Harrison Conlin <me@harrisony.com>:
On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Dan Christensen <jdc@uwo.ca> wrote:
I had this problem with a completely up-to-date Ubuntu gutsy install on

I can't reproduce this now, as I have since upgraded the machine to
hardy, which doesn't show the problem.

Ubuntu != Debian :)

Did SuSE, Redhat, or *BSD suffer from this glitch?  Ubuntu, along with
the rest of Debian, did.  It's a Debian downstream, so quite a lot
applies to both.  Not everything, but a lot.

Take a look into alt.os.linux.slackware to see how those with that
attitude treat Zenwalk users.

I don't use *buntu myself, but I've no problem with *buntu users
seeking Debian answers here.

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