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Re: syslogd lsitening on per default

hi again....

even if there  wanst much of a response,  im back to report what i found....
maybe this will help anyone else who has a spelling problem and searches on the interwebs for an explanation. :P

if you configure syslogd to log to a remote syslogserver, it will bind to port 514/UDP, even if it doesn't get the -r option passed.

i find this really confusing... why would syslogd need to listen on any interface just to send data to a remote server???
makes no sense for me at all...

if anybody has an idea or knows why syslogd behaves like that, it would be very interesting to hear about it on the list... (imo).

regards morla

morla wrote:
hello list,

i have a short question:

i was used to configure my syslogd server to listen on UDP 514,
therefor i needed to set SYSLOGD="-r" in /etc/default/syslogd.

now, i noticed that syslogd on my other boxen is listening on UDP by default.
why is this so? is that default now? and how can i turn it off???

i dont want syslogd to listen on any othe interface but loopback. actually /dev/log would be enuff for me...

thanks for any answers!

regards morla

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