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Re: large campus network ... sugestions

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Tirla Adrian wrote:
> Hello,
> I`m currently one of the network administrators of a 3000+ students
> and i have some issues maintaining security, authentication ... and
> quality of service ...
> Currently we're having 16 buildings each with its own network server
> which does proxy caching (due to limited Internet Bandwidth) and NAT
> for other services. Our network bandwidth is 20 Mbit (up to 150 Mbit
> shared with the University), so the ISP suggested (actually demanded)
> to allow only access to some services like http, https, smtp, pop3 and
> to limit all others. Due to some network attacks it is required to
> have network authentication which currently is made via MAC+IP (which
> to me it looks very unhealthy due to spoofs). Each building has an
> Ethernet network with unmanaged switches directly connected to 1
> server.
> I'm interested in a better authentication method than registering all
> the MACs+IPs of all my users (which after all is just dust in the wind
> ...) using my current hardware (16 servers, 1 for at least 250
> clients). I was thinking about ppp based authentication but it doesn't
> look very scalable and secure ... am I wrong ?
> Also due to the fact that my ISP doesn't agree with opening all ports
> and traffic shaping due to possible attacks, most of my clients are
> using tunneling methods like "your freedom" and "surf no limit", which
> currently produce a high CPU usage on all the servers due to the
> CONNECT method in the Squid Proxy Cache. Currently i just drop/traffic
> shape the tunneled P2P traffic via ipp2p/l7-filter module of iptables.
> I still believe that opening all ports and traffic shape them would be
> the only solution ... but this would impose a high network security
> ... so i`m back to point 1 ... suggestions ?!

Don't know exact specs, but consider using ldap/krb5/OpenAFS.
Maybe some VMWare images and and and...
Its far a lot of stuff to be considered.

> Thanks,
> Adrian TIRLA
> ps: this mail is forwarded also on debian-isp@lists.debian.org

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