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missing security updates for powerpc

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  On security.debian.org, there is no security update available for
dovecot-common, postfix-policyd and rsync.

  On the other hand, there is a powerpc version for the latest DSA
(lighttpd, which is ironically the only one I am not using between
the 4 listed packages).

  I would like to know who is responsible for the powerpc security
build, and makes sure he/she knows about the problem (and ideally
heard a bit about what happened).

  I did notify debian-security yesterday, but very little seems to
happens, except that postfix-policyd was released after without
powerpc and without explication or notification of why.

  I had no problem recompiling them for my systems, and It seems to
work fine, so It is not a build problem.

  For those that don't want to wait for the upgrade, here the
simple procedure:

sudo apt-get -Vu build-dep rsync
sudo apt-get -Vu source --compile rsync
dpkg -i rsync_2.6.9-2etch1_powerpc.deb

  At least, I was not forced to wait for support and could recompile
or patch It myself, which would not have been possible with most
closed source software  :o)

Simon Valiquette

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