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CISP Compliance

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but:

Does anyone know of a place I can get information on setting up CISP (VISA 
credit card) compliant Debian systems - or Linux in general, if there's no 
Debian-specific info. I've been searching the web for a couple hours and I 
don't know if I'm searching for the wrong phrases or what, but I'm not 
finding anything at all.

What I'm looking for is, essentially, what software needs to be installed to 
make a system storing and processing CC info CISP compliant, and what 
settings need to be configured to match.

I'm just sure there's folks out there who's secured Debian systems and 
installed & configured the necessary software for logging, auditing, 
monitoring, etc. I just can't find anything about it - maybe I'm blind today.




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