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Re: BIND 9 security update

* Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> [070725 01:36]:
> Will there be a timely security update for BIND 9, or does it make
> sene to roll your own?

There is a security update for this issue being put together since
yesterday, its in the testing phase now.

Speaking of this issue... this problem existed before in BIND[1] as the
old way of doing things was to have sequential 'sequence numbers', these
were used to 'authenticate' responses and due to them being sequential
they were easily guessed. The fix was to change the sequence numbers to be
randomized. However, the field is only 16 bits and so now someone has
found a way to predict the sequence numbers again (likely by looking at
the algorithm used). Even so, the sequence numbers are not that
difficult to predict because you can guess all 2^16 of them at the same
time. This real problem in the DNS protocol at a very basic level.


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