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Re: spooky windows script

On Tuesday 08 May 2007 22:34:30 Gerardo Curiel wrote:
> El mar, 08-05-2007 a las 22:24 +0200, Thomas Hochstein escribió:
> > Chris Adams schrieb:
> > > Do you have a VNC server installed?
> > >
> > | But I do have vino-server running.
> >
> > Yes.
> That's the problem, the same happened to me a couple of weeks ago, in my
> Desktop(a newly installed Debian Unstable).
> Vino seems to open the vnc port to the outside without password when
> installed by default.

I would say the problem is more that his system is configured to allow any 
servers without explicit authorisation.  That could just as easily have been 
a trojan or rootkit opening a port.  Best to setup your firewall to block all 
incoming connections by default, and explicitly allow only what your system 
is actually serving, and only to machines it needs to serve.


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