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Re: ftpd - security thread ?

In article <7fb539410705051759w713789eavd36c57427010b572@mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> to certain IP address on port 80. With simple bash script I have
> captured output of netstat while the ftpd package is getting
> installed:

try tcpdump, maybe it helps us if we know the content of that connection.

> that IP address without me actually knowing about that? To me it seems
> as a security thread. At the moment it appears that this happens only
> if ftpd package is installed for a first time so
> # dpkg -P ftpd
> # apt-get install ftpd
> does not create any connections.

So you need to re-install debian to reproduce it? or how can you trigger it?
Are you installing it from CD? how does your apt/sources.list looks like? Do
you mean 4.0 or 3.1 debian stable?


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