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Re: Security Debian Questions


On Apr 21, 2007, at 3:30 AM, George P Boutwell wrote:


  I have a few questions about how to actually implement some things
laid out in the Securing Debian How-To...

I read in there that it's preferred to set-up separate partitions for mount points such as /tmp, /var/tmp, & /home. I tried to do this on the last debian install I did for my firewall. I'm preparing to re-do this
machine for Etch (along with some hardware upgrades), but I ran into a
problem when trying to do this. I don't remember the exact details, but
the problem I think revolved around not being able to properly boot-up
since the /tmp and/or the /var/tmp where needed during the boot, but not
being mounted yet.  Anyone experienced this problem before and/or have
an suggestion on how to get around this problem?



since years I configure my systems with seperate filesystems for /, / home,
/usr, /var and /tmp and never had a problem with this setup. What is the
exact problem you have?


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