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Re: tripwire's default policy

On Sunday 04 March 2007 22:02:48 Jim Popovitch wrote:

> > If so, why is it included by default?
> There are probably a host of reasons, I point the finger at the pack
> maintainer leaning more towards the side of security than insecurity.

Forgive me for insisting.
So, there *are* security issues related. Do you (or anyone else) know what 
they might be?

I know debian's policy is to follow upstream if dd's can't reach a consensus 
(I remember reading in some lists' archives that this argument ended some 
polemic in some ssh(d)'s config options). 

However, I got the source of the same version (2.3.1-2) from sourceforge and 
it's clearly different, in that it only checks for some specific files 
in /proc, as oposed to everything. For information's sake, I paste them 

So I'm guessing dd's had a good reason for doing this, even though it's 
annoying. Am I missing something? Am I just hitting an old dead dog here?


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