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Re: halted firewalls

> > I'm actually not doing this for the improved security in ithis particular
> > case. As this is a home LAN, I don't have tons of room/pc's. So the gateway
> > in this case is just another pc, and using this idea I wouldn't have to
> > boot this pc for no other reason than "gatewaying". So it's mostly to avoid
> > running the gateway, because of the added noise, etc.
> This hack won't help you then. The hardware will still be up and running. It's
> just the software thet gets shut down (except for the kernel).

It actually does help on a modern PC where one can spin down an unused
hard drive. The fans will still be running, though; throttling down CPU
(and further reducing fanning demands)
will probably not be a good idea as it will increase the latency added by
the hop through the firewall.

Good vacuum cleaning / maintenance of the fans that go noisy can help
with the fan noise, too.

Avoid the temptation to run w/o casing for common external cooling because
of the EMR -- you told it's your home.


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