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Re: creative ssh-agent uses

On Sat, 09 Dec 2006, Rudi Cilibrasi wrote:

> Dear Ratiu,
> I am not sure I understand your situation, but maybe this can help?
> When creating an ssh-key using ssh-keygen, it prompts you for a
> passphrase.  It isn't so obvious, but you can simply hit return at that
> point to have "no passphrase".  This means that the resulting key

This is EXACTLY what I want to avoid. I use passphrase-less keys for
some backups already, so I know the procedure. However, I'm trying to
benefit from having the ssh session signed with my personal key, and somehow
use that when mounting the dm-crypt/LUKS device where I backup my files.

There are other people besides me that want to backup their laptops
(containing personal data) to the same storage server, and we decided we
didn't trust each other to the level where we would grant all our data to
whoever knows the passwords. But we're lazy so we want to automate this :)

I know there are other acceptable solutions (having the password written in
a local file, or typing it every time), but they're not as nice. However,
I'll go with one of them until I manage to put together a program that does
what I want.

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