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Re: Bug#401969: please build using hunspell

Rene Engelhard wrote:

Davide Prina wrote:
MySpell is obsolete.
Please build against Hunspell, which is an improved version of MySpell
retaining full backwards compatibility. That also would make the usage
of hunspell-de-* in iceweasel possible.

probably not so full backwards compatibility.


for example this:

---8<------FILE a.aff-----8<-----
SET ISO8859-15
TRY aioertnsclmdpgubzfvhàq'ACMSkBGPLxEyRTVòIODNwFéùèìjUZKHWJYQX

SFX B ere ono ere # p

SFX p Y 2
SFX p o i o
SFX p o e o

---8<------FILE a.dic-----8<-----

---8<------FILE a.txt-----8<-----

note that "decidere/B" must generate only "decidono" (with myspell), but hunspell generate also "decidoni" and "decidone" that are wrong Italian words.

I have see that I can gain the same result with

SFX B ere ono ere anystring p

also if I write

SFX B ere ono ere anystring abcdef

than it is the same that write

also Italian dictionary in Debian is a very old release ... so obsolete than a lot of people ask me to correct a lot of errors, errors that are already corrected in the last version. I think that Debian is the last GNU/Linux distro that have a so old Itailian dictionary version.

The last Italian dictionary under GPL license can be downloaded from here (2.3 beta 23/07/2006):

I have reported a whishlist for that #329971 at Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 23:04:33 +0200

Irrelevant for this discussion. I can't add GPLed stuff to the
package because it then  would be GPL. The other dictionaries in the OOo
source are LGPL, though.

I don't have ask to add it to the OOo source, but to the myspell-it package.

You can package it externally or make it build from the ispell one, but
I will *not* include it in -dictionaries due it's being GPL.

If I don't have mistake I intend -dictionaries as a Debian package

interesting ... so you can neither include the German dictionary ... it is under GPL license and non-GPL for package that "support the OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications and whose PRIMARY format for saving documents is the Open Document Format" I don't think icedove, iceweasel, ... respect this exception, so for all these the German dictionary is only GPL 2.0 or upper

I think theare are lot of other dictionaries/thesaurus that have the same problem.

I told that in the bug report that it's G`PL and can't add it.
If you don't read it/understand it and then complain, well...

where? when?

querybts tell me:
From: Rene Engelhard
Subject: Re: Bug#329971: New Italian dictionary version available
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 23:45:45 +0200


Aha. Hmm. And OOo 1.9.x/2.0 also contains only 2.1. Will look. When
1.9.x enters sid myspell-it will become 2.1 anyway and I'll look about
updating the copy with 2.2.




note that the 2.2 version is GPL only

Also the Italian thesaurus is only GPL and there is a recent version in Debian ... why?

I have reported some hunspell bugs to Láló don't know if some can
be security bugs). I don't know if they are already corrected (Lálóve
told me: "I hope, I will solve the problem this month for OOo 2.1").

Doubt that, there's no new hunspell release and neither does OOo 2.1
correct a new hunspell AFAIS (or he fixed the OOo h unspell copy and
forgot the normal one..)

you can try the above example to check it


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