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Re: Why is portmap installed by default?

Mike Hommey wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 20, 2006 at 02:49:53PM +0100, kevin bailey
> <kbailey@freewayprojects.com> wrote:
>> Why is portmap installed by default on a vanilla basic Debian Sarge
>> install?
>> As far as I can see this is mainly used by by NFS and NIS - so if we're
>> not using either of these then why should it be installed.
> Probably because of fam, which uses it.
> Mike


Fam can be used by NFS.  I also think fam is used by some GUI/X file

As far as I can see it should be ok to remove portmap from an installation
which does not have X installed or uses NFS or NIS.

I'm sure it's been included in to the default setup for a reason - but I
will be removing it on most servers.


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