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Re: hardening checkpoints

Kevin -

kevin bailey wrote:
1. before attaching server to network install and configure tripwire.

and could possibly put key executables on to CD-ROM and leave them in the
In todays same day exploits, using something like tripwire for H.I.D.S. may not prove useful... By the time tripwire runs a check it may already be too late, or the check may not return anything as the intruder could have cleaned up their mess by then or altered tripwire itself. You may want to consider something such as SAMHAIN that performs real-time monitoring and will notify you immediately, as opposed to tripwire that will notify only 1X/day (or however often you run it).

Also consider an intrusion response plan - if Tripewire, or samhain, alert you - what are you going to do? For example, we have decided that upon an alert the entire network will be pretty much locked down, disconnected from the WAN, or, at least, the compromised server is taken off-line until the postmortem analysis is complete and the security issue resolved (of course thats the 'nut shell' procedure, the real one is pages upon pages). The faster you respond to the alert, the less potential for malicious damage.

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