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editor crashes regularly, loosing all data since last save

I'm sorry, if I'm just too bad at looking at the documentation or searching the archives.

I am missing information as to what is a bug that would warrant a fix in stable. I filed two bug reports (#340699 and #325588) but nothing appears to be happening in order to get things fixed.

Short summary:
- kile (editor) regularly crashes in default configuration, loosing data entered since last save. (NB: Does this fall under the category 'data loss' for release-critical bugs?)

- firestarter breaks nis in default configuration. There is no way to configure firestarter (gui tool for a firewall) in a manner to work with debian's default settings for nis; workaround is to manually tweak nis to work with firestarter.

I would like to get both fixed in sarge, since both problems are serious (data loss, loss of network functionality) and were rather difficult to trace down (at least to me). I guess that quite a few people out there will be affected as well and and encounter similar problems as myself.

Is there a way I could contribute to speed things up; apart from sitting, waiting and seeing that nothing appears to be happening?

(In one case the maintainer sent a request for further information to the bug tracking system without cc-ing me; I only accidentially found his message on the web page.)

To sum it up: It would be nice and add to the transparency of the process, if there was a web page on www.debian.org or bugs.debian.org explaining to general users:

- what kind of bugs will be fixed for stable; which ones will only be fixed for etch...

- what is the 'normal' procedure for the first category, the second category and for security fixes.

- if a bug is release-critical for sarge, will there be a security update for sarge? What is the time line for this?

Thanks for your help.


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