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Re: WTF: Debian security, ex. Linux kernel vulnerabilities

Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> writes:
> * Bob Tanner (tanner@real-time.com) [050920 16:39]:
>> Same here.  Reach out to the community and let us help.
> Well, the basic problem with mirrors is:
> * How can we be sure that all mirrors are synced _very_ fast? We will
>   probably get more negative feedback if some mirrors are delayed by
>   more than 10 minutes (and some of our normal mirrors are _way_ worse).

Maybe using a http-proxy cache hierachy?  Any missing file on a mirror
will be retrieved immediately.  You'll have full control on the sync
rate by tuning the freshness of the indexes.

Using squid or some other proxy as a web frontend will also remove the
load generated by x apache threads, if that is ever a problem...


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