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Re: Security fixes for mozilla and firefox in Sarge?

* Holger Mense:

> the latest upload of mozilla in sarge is from friday, 13th of May. The
> latest upload of firefox in sarge is from monday, 16th of May. Since then
> several security issues were found in both programms. The issues in
> firefox were fixed by upload of a new firefox release in unstable.

The 1.0.5 version is reportedly binary-incompatible with 1.0.4.  This
is a no-no for sarge.  Firefox 1.0.6 (and Mozilla 1.7.11) are
apparently okay.

> But as far as I can overlook the situation, they are still unfixed in
> Sarge. Are there going to be fixed uploads in the foreseeable future?

Traditionally, Mozilla doesn't have any security support in Debian.
The main reason is that upstream does not release isolated security
patches which do not change functionality.

I'm not sure if there will be uploads of new Firefox (or Mozilla)
version to the volatile distribution.  A first step is building a new
Firefox package on sarge, and I'm not aware of anyone doing this.

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