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Re: last -t lists all entries in wtmp

On 2005-07-22 @ 09:44:02 (week 29) Tomas Fasth wrote:

> I just made a test run and the output looked fine giving the log from 
> that moment and older as I would expect. 

So you didn't get all entries from the log? Just the ones from the given
date and later?

> I also tried YYYYMMDDHHMMS with the same result. 

Which confirms that the formatchecking of the input isn't strict enough,
but it's not really a problem.  

>  And with YYYYMMDDHHMM it barfs like it did for you.

Like you'd expect.

> Why is this on debian-security by the way?

Uhm, well I have to admit that was a choice by association. I was
working on some security scripts and "last" is one of the tools I use in
them. Of course you're right: this isn't really an item for the security
list. Mea culpa...

Grx HdV

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