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Re: Help needed - server hacked twice in three days (and I don't think I'm a newbie)


On Thursday 21 July 2005 22:39, Andras Got wrote:
> It's important to know whether it's an existing account, imho.

Yes. It is, because if it's not, it's not about cracking passwords, but 
something else. Ugh.

> >>Do you use AllowUsers or AllowGroup?
> >
> > No. I hate to admit I didn't know that this is possible. Take back the
> > newbie statement I made earlier. But if a legitimate user account got
> > hacked, this wouldn't have helped, right?
> Right, but if not... I suggest, You should also turn on privilege
> separation and strict mode in sshd, it they are not enabled.

Yes, true. I added AllowUsers already, the other settings were already active.

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