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Re: Versions of shared libraries

Dnia 15-07-2005, pią o godzinie 21:38 +1000, Daniel Pittman napisał(a):

> ] ldd -v -r /path/to/my/binary

This does not solve the problem. I'm talking about full version number
(dpkg -s packagename...).
The issue is to know i.e. when library may have security holes.
I've checked ldd for few libraries and if i.e I have 1.2.2-5 or 1.2.2-6
there is no difference in ldd

> I think you will have a lot of difficulty convincing upstream package
> maintainers to incorporate this into their packages, and have an awful
> lot of people that *you* will need to talk to in order to get it done.

Big thinks always need first step :)

> Also, I think that you will be sadly disappointed with the results even
> if you *do* manage to achieve your goal:  there are at least two
> versions of any library in Debian - the upstream soname version and the
> package version, which do not match exactly.

This is only question, how we will define standard.
I've some software (commercial with specialized hardware), which returns
8 version strings. Belive me it is very useful if someone is installing
complex system, and your part may tell him why it is not working. Of
course in perfect world you should supply nice debs with dependecies.
But the world is not perfect, and there are i.e. other linux

best regards

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