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named: 'error sending response: unexpected error'


I run the DNS for a quite popular domain (I get something like 1-10 DNS 
requests per second, very spiky traffic) and frequently (0-5 times per 
hour) see this in my logs:

| Jul 12 18:41:07 zbasel named[5317]: client error 
sending response: unexpected error

I've never received any complaints about DNS problems nor did I see any 
stability problems.  IP addresses seem completely random.

The DNS records served are round robin DNS RR with no more then 15 entries - 
so perhaps the problem only occurs when the packet size approaches the 
maximum for UDP DNS packets?  (OTOH, it's not even clear that it's an UDP 
request from the log...)

Anybody seen this & can confirm it's harmless / a known issue?

-- vbi

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