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Re: New squid packages 2.4.6-2woody9 restarts very often.

aragon@onlinehome.de <aragon@onlinehome.de> dixit:

> I have tried to install Version 2.4.6-2woody9 of the squid package
> on our Internet Gateway (Woody). There were no error messages
> during upgrade, but our Client get no connection to the proxy
> afterwards. I "fix" this temporary by reinstalling the previous
> version 2.4.6-2woody8.
> Looking in the logfiles shows, that squid 2.4.6-2woody9 restarts
> very often:

I've had the same problem; since removing squids cache, new creating
the cache (squid -z) and a new start of squid, the 2.4.6-2wood9
works fine and the problem didn't turn up.


Peter Blancke

Hoc est enim verbum meum!

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