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Re: Security risks due to packages that are no longer part of Debian?

On Tue, Jul 12, 2005 at 10:09:44AM +0200, Mike Gerber wrote:
> > A tool which lists all packages which are no longer downloadable from
> > any APT source would be more helpful, I think.  Does it already exist?
> I have a slighty inefficient script for that. I believe there are better 
> ways to do what listallpackages does, unknown to the author of the script 
> back then ;-) (Reminder to myself: Don't post ugly hacks to mailing
> lists.) At least this does its purpose without deselect nor aptitude.

Well, you can list installed packages with either:

$ dpkg --get-selections | egrep "[[:space:]]install"
[ will not show the version #s and might show half-installed packages ]

$ dpkg -l "*" | grep ^ii
[ shows the information you are asking for ]

But it would be best if this was implemented using libapt. I have sample
Python code using libapt to detect packages that need updates [1], it could
be trivially changed to show those packages for which there are no updates
available. If anyone is interested in taking a look at it speak up.



[1] Pet project: port of the Red Hat Network Applet to Debian before I 
became aware of apt-watch

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