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Re: /dev/log

On Tuesday 05 July 2005 12:01 pm, michael wrote:
> I saw the following in my 'tiger' output
>  --FAIL-- [dev002f] /dev/log has world permissions
> which is indeed true:
>  $ file /dev/log
>  /dev/log: socket
>  $ ls -lt /dev/log
>  srw-rw-rw-  1 root root 0 2005-06-28 13:28 /dev/log
> but I cannot find a manual page etc that tells me what this socket is
> for or whether the permissions are correct
It's used by syslogd. Not 100% sure on this, but I believe it's how user-space 
apps send messages to syslog (e.g. with syslog(3)). If that's the case, it 
would need to be mode 666 for syslog(3) to work.

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