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Re: Firewall-troubleshooting

Daniel Pittman wrote:
> ...
> Shorewall, like many firewall packages, gives you[1] a whole bunch of
> configuration options, which turn on or off features in the pre-packaged
> firewall you have.
> This tends to make it hard to do strange things like playing with DSCP
> tagging of packets, or deciding to use the 'uid' option to an iptables
> rule, or whatever.  The recent ipt_recent protection against SSH, etc,
> brute force attacks is a good example of this sort of stuff.
> It also tends to encourage "shortcuts" in the firewall, like accepting

Am i right in understanding that you consider accepting
RELATED/ESTABLISHED packets a bad thing?

> ...
> Shorewall was *NOT* one of the tools that I evaluated to the level of a
> generated firewall -- it didn't let me do some of the stuff I was doing
> already, so I didn't try it.

What were the main things you wanted that shorewall didn't do?

> ...
> Firehol suits me, personally, because it makes it easy to write a really
> good and secure firewall, because it takes the hard work out of
> iptables, but it still doesn't get in the way of doing, well, anything I
> want.

You can integrate arbitrary iptables commands into shorewall also.

> ...
>>I have heared some opinions like "shorewall is bad" so I'm really
>>thinking of switching to something else. But I dont't know why...
>>noone was able to give me a good reason.
> ...
> Also, in general I don't recommend changing *anything* just because
> someone else tells you they don't like it -- and if they can't tell you
> *why*, it is just that they "don't like it."

Couldn't agree more.

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