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Re: Bad press related to (missing) Debian security - action

Alvin Oga schrieb am Tuesday, den 28. June 2005:

> etch/testing.... where are the security patches ??
> 	- i want it to also have latest apps i care about
> 	( latest kernels, latest apache, latest xxx, .. )
> 	- this is the parts i'm interested in structuring for security
> 	updates as some/most security patches are fixed in later releases
> 	from the originating authors/sites  and they already maintain
> 	and keep their eyes on all the announced vulnerabilities and
> 	exploits

If you are interested in testing security, then there is a group
working on this project. Here is some information about the history of
the team, and if you read through the message there is information
about how to help:



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