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Re: Bad press related to (missing) Debian security

also sprach Marek Olejniczak <marek@olmar.poznan.pl> [2005.06.28.1148 +0200]:
> No, it was *my* decision! I'm using Debian since 4 years and
> I like this distribution. And it suprised me that my favourite
> distro has problems with security.

It surprised everyone, even though it was not a real surprise -- if
that makes sense. The security team has been a major weakness of
Debian for a while. It was only a question of time until it all came
down on Joey.

Anyway, if you like Debian, then you should keep using it. The
current situation is unacceptable, and we are all aware of this. But
the good news is that a lot of people are working on it, and after
the stereotypical blow in the face, we'll have something to learn to
prevent such problems in the future.

So bear with us for just a little while more, consider disabling the
affected services for now, or roll your own security updates until
we caught up.

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