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Re: Bad press related to (missing) Debian security

also sprach Marek Olejniczak <marek@olmar.poznan.pl> [2005.06.27.2039 +0200]:
> I don't understand the philosophy of Debian security team. It's
> really so difficult to push into sarge spamassassin 3.0.4 which is
> not vulnerable? This version is in Debian testing and why this
> version can't be push into stable?

It would not be "stable" anymore with respect to software selection.
Here's the paragraph from my book:
  \item[\emph{Software feature stability}]~\\
  Stability\index{stability!feature} may also refer to the feature
  set provided by a software. In this definition, stable software
  does not introduce drastic changes or radical new features from
  one release to the next. Administrators appreciate feature
  stability because it allows them to fix bugs with newer versions
  without risking unwanted changes to the behaviour.

This is one of the essential and most important features of Debian

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